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Title: The Cylon of the Opera
Fandom: Battlestar Galatica/The Phantom of the Opera
Rating: PG-13
Notes: When I say Phantom fandom I mean ALL of the fandom. A lot of it is based on the book, bits of it from the Webber's musical, and hints of Kay's "Phantom" and the Yaston/Kopit musical.

Act 1, Scene 1 - "Boy Meets Girl"


Lee shifted, trying to find a slightly more comfortable spot on the large boulder he was sitting on. Spread out in front of him the sea was a gray-green, rumpled with small waves and splashed with the odd cap of foam, which melted into the overcast slate blue sky.

It was a perfect match for his mood, rumpled and foaming against the monotonous slate blue uniforms of the Fleet conference his father was attending.

He hadn't wanted to come, but his father had insisted – reminded Lee that it would be a wonderful opportunity to see how the Fleet really worked and it would give him an edge when he started the Academy in the fall.

The Fleet Academy – there was another thing that made his mood rumpled and gray, but it was an argument he had lost...

A gust of wind came rushing down the shoreline, causing Lee to shiver and a flash of scarlet to fly past.

“Oh gods, no!”

The cry came from the beach below him. From a girl who was chasing after – Oh, it was a scarf!

And it had just landed in the water.

Without really thinking about what he was doing, Lee jumped down from the rock and ran straight into sea.

It took him a minute to catch the scarf, by which time both he and the scarf were soaked. But the girl didn't care, just threw her hands on to his shoulders and pushed herself up to place a quick kiss that landed half on his check and half on the corner of his mouth.

By the time he was able to gather his thoughts the girl was gone.


He father suspected something, she was sure of it.

Or maybe this was always how he read his paper in the morning.

Why did she kiss that boy? A simple thank you would have sufficed or even a hand shake.

Maybe a quick hug, to show that she truly knew what he had done in the rescue of her scarf – after all, he did get very wet.

But a kiss? That was just too much!

Across the table the corner of her father's paper dipped, drooping down to brush the smooth wood as Papa took a sip of coffee.

What had she been thinking then? And why couldn't she stop thinking about the way his cheek dimpled when it met his mouth and, gods, how could she have been so clumsy as to actually kiss part of his lips!

“Are you ready, moppet?” her father's question startled her out of her thoughts. “Ready?” she echoed.

“For our walk?” he gave her a wide smile, “It shouldn't be as windy as it was yesterday.”

Yesterday, when the wind grabbed her scarf and sent her running down the shore and into that boy.

“If it's all right, I'm going to skip the walk this morning.”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

Kara heard the door swing shut and immediately started to panic. He knew! He must have seen her and he was teasing her. Oh gods, to kiss a boy – and she didn't even know his name!

And even if he father didn't know, Artemis surely would. Kara had been a Daughter of Okeanos and Artemis always watched after her handmaidens, even as they got older.

That was it! Why she was feeling so guilty! It wasn't her father who knew, but the virgin goddess!

As she opened the small drawer of her bed side table Kara fell to her knees. Inside, wrapped in a length of soft flannel was the small statue of Artemis she had been given on her first day in the Pantheon chorus. Placing it gently on the table Kara began to pray, “Pardon, goddess of the night, the misdeed done by thy virgin knight.”

“Kara,” her father knocking softly at her opened door startled her from her prayers.

“There's someone I want you to meet.”

She stood up with a pang in her knees; how long had she been praying?

“I met him on my walk this morning,” her father said as they walked towards the main room of the cottage, “And I think you two might become friends.”

She stopped suddenly, shocked to see him standing in her cottage.

“This is Lee.”

Maybe she hadn't prayed enough.


After that she couldn't get Lee to leave her side (and maybe part of her didn't want him to). In the mornings he would show up at her door, pulling her outside and down to the beach. In the afternoons they would explore the woods behind her cottage, a kind of casual hide and seek breaking out from time to time. In the evenings, or on days when the rains washed down from the sky, they would spread out in the attic of the cottage, telling each other stories or listening to her father play the piano.

It was perfect – perfect and over.

“I won't be able to write you for a few months. That's one of the rules – which is total bullshit. They say it's part of the boot camp we have to go through at the beginning, a way to make us bond together.”

Lee was rambling about the Academy again, the place which had become his personal version of Hades.

“It's okay, Lee,” she said softly. “Besides, I'll be busy helping my papa get ready for the new season.”

“Oh...” Lee's face fell, “Yeah, of course you'll have other things to think about. New places to see and people to meet.” He gave her a forced smile that made her want to cry, “In a few months you probably won't even remember me.”

It was that sad smile and the memory of his much brighter one the first day they had met that prompted her to put a hand on his shoulder, lean forward, and gently press her lips against his.

“I could never forget you, Lee.”


Act 1, Scene 2 - "The Death of Dreilide"


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Jul. 24th, 2013 06:22 pm (UTC)
This story is pretty fantastic! I'm not familiar with the Phantom of the Opera but am still invested in the characters. I hope you continue this fic:)
Jul. 25th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
I plan to! I have a good chunk of it written and plotted out; I'm just at a point in my midwifery training where any free time is devoted to sleeping ;)
Jul. 25th, 2013 11:26 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, midwifery. I once had a biology class with someone who wanted to be a midwife after the home birth of her first child. She gave me such play by play details of her delivery that I crossed ob/gyn as a future career option. Plus, the last time I held a baby I dropped it XD
But yeah...take your time. Your training comes first!
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